thumbs img 2777 The JealousBrother Office Gets a MakeoverSince the beginning of the JealousBrother project we had planned on turning one of our guest bedrooms into the Official JealousBrother Office. For those of you who don’t know me I tend to be a bit on the cheap side. I guess you could say I’m a bit frugal with my money except for electronics where I tend to go a bit overboard. We had been pricing hardwood and engineered hardwood for quite a while when I came across a bargain that had my name on it. I was walking through Home Depot in Oak Ridge, TN (The Nuclear City) when I spotted an end cap with clearance signs all over it. I couldn’t believe my eyes, Pergo engineered hardwood marked down to $10.99 a box from $33.99. Sure I didn’t have the money at the time but I couldn’t pass this deal up.

thumbs img 2788 The JealousBrother Office Gets a MakeoverSo it began, another project in our house that had my wife cringing with doubt. I can only imagine the questions that traveled through her mind, how long with this room be torn up? Is he going to mess something up? How much is this going to cost? Once again I came through but it wasn’t easy and I don’t know if my knees will ever be the same. (Wear Knee Pads)

thumbs img 2795 The JealousBrother Office Gets a MakeoverAfter getting the carpet out and the floor swept up it was time to lay the padding down and to begin piecing together the flooring. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy doing things like this. Just like working on cars it’s a great feeling to be able to tear something apart only to put it back together. With cars the purpose is to make them run better and with the JealousBrother office I wanted it to look and feel better.

thumbs img 2807 The JealousBrother Office Gets a MakeoverOur house is animal friendly to say the least, both Crystal and I love animals and we have two beautiful dogs who are like kids to us. Emma  is our baby who is pictured here, she just wanted to help her dad. After I finished the first portion of the flooring I put my desk on top of it to get it out of my way and help weigh the flooring down.

thumbs img 2811 The JealousBrother Office Gets a MakeoverAt the half way point I went to war with the closet. This was by far the most difficult spot to maneuver the flooring around and some people would create a seam and do it separate but I wanted it to be one solid piece with no cuts. It wouldn’t be any fun if it wasn’t a challenge. You might notice some black spacers in between the wall and the flooring, those are required to keep the recommended gap, since engineered hardwood is a floating floor (unless it’s glued down) there needs to be room for expansion and retraction.

thumbs img 2819 The JealousBrother Office Gets a MakeoverAt this point I got a second wind and started realizing I was actually going to Finnish the floor. My knees and body were hurting like I had just been beaten up but I couldn’t  quit now, I was almost done. You might notice the red tape on the padding, this tape is made specifically for taping sections together and maintaining a moisture barrier (when one is being used). However, one thing I learned is that you do not install a moisture barrier when you’re installing flooring to a sub floor with a crawl space. The moisture barrier should actually be placed on the soil underneath your house. Installing padding with a moisture barrier will damage your sub floor by trapping moisture in the wood. A moisture barrier is a thin sheet of plastic for those of you who don’t know.

thumbs img 2828 The JealousBrother Office Gets a Makeoverthumbs nicolefeaturecolor The JealousBrother Office Gets a MakeoverFinally the office was finished and the wife was happy. For anyone who is thinking of installing engineered hardwood it is a great product and makes a shocking improvement compared to carpet. We love our floor and the office is a much warmer and more professional environment.  You can view the entire slideshow of photos (over 40 images)  if you’d like.

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