Brilliantly Average Yet So Far From Being Normal

I always find it hilarious when someone tells me that they never fight with their spouse. Let’s be honest here people, if there’s a couple that never fights then one of two things is true, they are living in a fantasy world or one of them is a pawn. Like a lot of couples my wife and I have a very healthy relationship and considering the great deal of stress the both of us endure on a daily basis, arguments between us are rather rare. However, we now have a gauge that alerts us the minute any tension between us is detected. The gauge is named Emma and is a beautiful blonde mutt.

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Our Pot Bellied Puppy

To understand Emma’s sensitivity I should explain a little bit of her history. We adopted our sweet angel from a neighbor a few streets down from us. She was part of a litter of puppies living in horrible conditions. Our best guess is that she is part dachshund and maybe part golden lab. I was very hesitant to take Emma because she looked like a pot bellied pig with how bloated her stomach was. We were prepared for an extensive tally of vet bills but we didn’t expect to pick over a hundred baby ticks off of her little body. This poor dog spent the first couple of weeks in our guest bathroom because in addition to ticks she also had two types of worms and a small hernia from her over eating while with her litter. Emma certainly got yelled at on several occasions due to my short temper and the numerous holes she chewed into our drywall and molding in the bathroom and laundry room. (If anyone needs drywall work done I’m kind of an expert now) In spite of my yelling from time to time she much like her big sister Rachael (Jack Russel) has been given more love than most children receive. continue reading…

At what point do creditors cross the line? It’s pretty obvious that the current financial crisis and economic down turn has began forcing changes in lending practices and policy but there has to be some limitations to what lenders can and should do. In the United States we are losing somewhere around a quarter million jobs a month which is a direct affect of the current recession. In the darkness of this timid economy there is still a very large number of people who are paying their bills and holding their jobs. This brings me to my next question, should responsible individuals be punished for irresponsible borrowing and lending practices?

Just over three years ago I opened a credit account with an online Tire company and throughout those 36 months I have never made a late payment, my balance has never exceeded 50% of the credit limit, and I have always paid more than the minimum payment. Unless I’m being ignorant I would be inclined to think that this account history would put me in the category of a reliable and valued customer. At this point you may know where I’m going with this.

I had a reasonable day yesterday, didn’t encounter any rude customers, didn’t have to flip anyone off on the interstates, didn’t receive any unwanted phone calls, but that all changed when I got home. I received a letter yesterday that struck me as a little odd, it was from one of my creditors but wasn’t dressed in the usual packaging. If you have a stomach that is easily upset please stop reading this article immediately.

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